Jazzbreaker: Big Band Jawbreaker Covers


While this is very close to an actual nightmare of mine–getting into an elevator and hearing Muzak renditions of my favorite Jawbreaker songs, an elevator I then can’t escape from–I will give Joey Coloroso’s Jazzbreaker credit for excellent taste in Jawbreaker covers. “Jinx Removing,” “Chesterfield King,” “Kiss the Bottle” (!), and “Ashtray Monument” all come in for big band-type goofily-swinging instrumental treatment; the artwork, as seen above, transposes the signature Jawbreaker font, and the whole thing partially benefits an anti-cancer org. That hasn’t stopped the ‘Jizzbreaker’ jokes from kicking off over at the Punk News comment section, but what are you gonna do?

In, uh, other, less abrasive news, here’s a pretty clean version of Thorns of Life’s “New York’s Giving Me the Creeps” in which Blake explains the lyrics and everything:

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