Matt and Kim At Home: The Really Angry and Mean Outtakes


The post where I tell a cute couple what’s what

Let me, first, formally apologize for perpetuating the rumor last week that Williamsburg drums-and-keys duo Matt and Kim are profoundly cute. “We try to push away the ‘cute’ factor a lot, but it just keeps coming,” Kim told me. And then I went and wrote essentially that she deserves her own post on Fuck You, Penguin. Aye. I promise to let you know when Kim and Matt stop me on the street and punch me in the face to prove just how cruel and punk and uncute they really are.

In the meantime, let me furnish you with some really adorable heinous outtakes from the January afternoon Matt and Kim showed us around their Williamsburg apartment to film this and type this, along with some really warm and fuzzy disloyal and spiteful quotes about their affinity hatred for New York and stuff. All photos by Sam Horine, all cuteness nastiness by Matt and Kim.

Matt reading from a book of childrens’ letters to ET the Satanic Bible

Kim on naming their brand-new record after their street: “You can get torn up so easily by naming your record Grand if it doesn’t come out right. But we were ready for it.”

The fridge picture of Kim kissing unleashing domestic violence on Matt

Matt on Brooklyn: “If we hadn’t started as a band here, there’d be no chance we’d be where we are right now.”

Matt demonstrating that their apartment is only eight-feet wide how fat your ass is

More Matt on Brooklyn: “The funny thing is as much as you go down to Gainesville, Florida, and you’re like, ‘Wait you bought this house for $20,000?’–for what I pay a year for rent, they bought their house. But I just couldn’t see living anywhere else.”

Both seated where Matt spent the summer mixing Grand dogfighting

Kim and Matt posed by their bed piranha tank

Matt: “We feel that we’re constantly either leaving or coming back [New York]. And for some reason, I think New York is a great place for leaving and coming back to because–”

Kim: [gets jellybeans]*


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