Smoking Gun scoop: the FBI stoolie who ignited baseball’s steroid scandal


Pictured above: Nobody who’s in the story below. By the way, kids, don’t try this at home without your parents’ help.

In news fresh off the server that should set the Hot Stove League blazing, The Smoking Gun unravels the tale of one Mike Bogdan, allegedly the previously unnamed FBI informant who helped spark baseball’s steroid scandal.

TSG’s subhed for its “Major League Snitch” piece tells it all: “Unmasked: How a white-collar Baltimore swindler turned secret FBI informant and ignited a Major League Baseball steroid scandal.”

The lengthy account reveals that newly named Middle East negotiator George Mitchell‘s 2007 probe of steroids got a fresh jolt when Bogdan was injected into the proceedings:

Mitchell’s probe was shaping up as a colossal bust until Bogdan delivered [Kirk] Radomski (and by extension [Brian McNamee) to federal investigators, who required the duo to cooperate with Mitchell.