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Stepping into the new multimedia installation of artist Ben Jones is not unlike jumping into an arcade game. A video at the silk-screened entryway welcomes you to the ominously titled show The New Dark Age, transporting you into Jones’s futuristic world of neon ladders, sculptured Plexiglas creatures, and glow-in-the-dark neon faces. Jones, a veteran comic book and video artist, who has previously worked with the art collective Paper Rad, explores new methods of pictorial storytelling through drawn, projected, and sculpted lines. The five components of this exhibition, which uses his signature 2-D Flash videos as well as 3-D (as in 3-D glowing guts), are “Ladders,” “Minimalism,” “Cartoon Drawings,” “Dogs,” and “Bricks.” “Mush Robos” and “Travel Berries”—whatever those are—also feature.

Feb. 18-28, 2009

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