Beyonce At Burger King? So Says Cazwell!


Downtown darling and musical artist/promoter/DJ Cazwell is on his way to superstardom with his song “I Seen Beyonce At Burger King,” the video for which has drawn 650,000-plus hits on YouTube and counting. Take a cholesterol-filled bite and see if you believe that Beyonce was really shoving two cheeseburgers, onion rings, a chocolate shake, fries, chicken strips, and apple pie down her velvety throat and then asking Cazwell to cover for the dough to pay for it.

More important than whether this scenario reeks of documentary realness, though, is the fact that the clip (also starring Jonny Makeup) is funny, bouncy, and quite droll. I can’t knock one particular exchange out of my little head: “She was eatin’.” “She was what?” “She was eatin’.” “Oh.”

If she WAS eatin’, I had no idea that when Beyonce sings “Put a ring on it,” what she really means is an ONION ring!