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Brooklyn Neighbors to Compile List of Stoners for Cops


They do things old school in Gerritsen Beach. went to their regular property owners meeting and discussed with neighbors and cops the surprisingly vital marijuana scene in Seba Avenue Park. The cops reported 16 summonses written for open container and weed in one month. The locals told the cops “pot dealing & smoking goes on all the time” there, and the problem was discussed until the property owners decided that “a list of names will be gathered and handed over to the 61st precinct of the problem ‘kids.’ See the thing about Gerritsen Beach is that everyone knows EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. So if lets say your dealing at the park, or even just smoking at the park, you will been seen, EVERYONE knows you and now your name is on a list to bring up at the next meeting.” (bf and caps in original.) If local stoners follow community news on the internet, they’ll start getting high and drunk indoors, like the rest of us.

In related news, Gowanus Lounge reports that someone is creating a “public art piece” called Marijuana Stories – 24 (Brooklyn) and would like users to “contribute their stories about marijuana-related arrests.”

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