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Cops Nab 59 in Queensbridge Drug Sweep


Back in 1940, the New York Times celebrated the completion of the first big move-in at the Queensbridge Apartments, which they said were the “last word in modern living quarters and have auxiliary units designed to protect the health and meet the requirements of the 3,161 families living there.” Today the Times reports that after a “seven-month investigation into violence and drug operations at Queensbridge,” cops arrested 59 people, and seized hundreds of bags of crack, coke, and weed, as well as guns and a bulletproof vest. A similar operation in 2005 netted 37 suspects. The most recent NYPD crime stats from the Queensbridge precinct show 14 grand larcenies, 12 burglaries, two robberies and two felony assaults in the week of January 26 through February 1. Image (cc) Wikipedia.



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