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Hipster Dispatch: The Timbuctoo Scene


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March 29, 1962, Vol. VII, No. 23

The Timbuctoo Scene

Dear Sir:

Well, I have made the Timbuctoo, Timbuktu, Timbukou, Tombouctou SCENE. I left a copy of The Village Voice pasted on the wall of my pad there. I rented a pad — a whole house — for $5 a year. Any hipsters that would like to come and flop there, free, can do so. My door (ain’t no door) is wide open.

I am on my way to Ouagadougou now, although Bamako swings. There is only one thing wrong — there is too many Czechs, Russians, etc., and square flabby Americans. Hear Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky is in Kenya. Like Wow, we Beats are all over. In fact there is TOO MANY Beatniks and not enough Hipsters in Tangier.

Africa is the greatest and it is swinging. Everything here is moving toward a creative happy life. I doubt if I shall ever return — it is better for me here than it is in the U.S. and even better for me than Europe. So Africa is my address.

Have given many African hippies VV address so that they can subscribe and remain au courant to the happenings.

Well, this is all for this time, but you’ll hear more from Ted Joans because I am too ambitious to remain cold, silent, and dead: Like man I’m like Africa, ALIVE. Tell Danny List to stop learning the twist and take a plane to Africa. Tell John Wilcock Majoun candy is not for the U.S. Mail nor the U.S. male.

–Ted Joans
Bamako, Africa

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