Just Say No To The Reader 2


The holocaust has been an even bigger trophy grabber than ever this past year, so you just know Hollywood will find a way to do yet more crazily inspiring stories about Nazis with disabilities. How long before we’re treated to The Reader 2: This Time She’s Blind? The heart-tugging sequel can have Kate Winslet as a sight-impaired Nazi who has to feel people’s faces to determine if they’re Jewish before throwing them into the camps. Seeing as she’s full of stereotypical bigtory (but deep down kind of lovable and misunderstood), the woman learns to feel for hook noses, unaware that a Jewish surgeon in hiding (played by Ron Silver) has been whittling down semitic shnozzes for free. The climax of the film comes when Winslet feels the face of a young boy (Dev Patel) and likes what she feels, leading to much interpersonal exploration and learning. Oy! Even if Mel Brooks directs this, I don’t want it!

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