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Lawyer/Impersonator Dreier Wants Madoff-Style House Arrest, But For Free


Maybe you remember Marc S. Dreier, the high-powered lawyer who was jailed for criminal impersonation and later revealed to be in the habit of pretending to be what he was not, and to have money he didn’t have, for the purposes of scamming $400 million.

The New York Law Journal today reveals that Dreier is still trying to put one over — this time on the judge handling his case. He requests to be released from his cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center and remanded to the custody of his midtown apartment, where “physically fit” guards provided by his sister and her husband will watch him, a la the famous swindler Bernie Madoff. But unlike Madoff, Dreier claims to be “penniless,” and would like to have this arrangement without posting a previously-ruled $20 million bond. (Madoff put up $10 million.)

The prosecution wants the judge to decline because the private guards would not have the same capacity as jailers to restrain Dreier should he attempt to flee. Dreier’s lawyer counters that his client “is not a physically large or imposing individual,” and that the rent-a-correction-officers would be able to handle him.

Prosecutors may rejoin: what if Dreier pretends to be a meter reader, or bites the face off someone and wears it as a mask, in order to outwit his captors?



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