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Protests Continue at “Drunken Negro Head” Bakery


Well, we thought we’d written the end of the Drunken Negro Cookie Head saga. But the Lafayette Bakery, which offered the peculiar sweets to “celebrate” Obama’s election, causing a big fuss, is still getting unwanted attention: the Villager reports that last Saturday 20 members of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense protested outside the Greenwich Avenue pastry shop, chanting “Brick by brick, wall by wall– we’ll stay out here and make you fall!” Leader Shaka Shakur said they would be back at intervals “to see if the cookie is there,” though baker Ted Kefalnios has repeatedly said he has no plans to make more, and even agreed to take sensitivity training, which has placated the previously irate local community board. Neighbors were divided over whether Kefalnios was racist or just a little strange — which may simply be the way Greenwich Village bakers are: “I’d rather go to Patisserie Claude, which is just around the corner,” one resident told the Villager, which added that the neighbor admitted that “Claude, [Patisserie Claude’s] former owner, was ‘a bit intense.'”



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