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Quick Hits – 2/5/2009


99 Problems but a cookie ain’t one

His assailants in the Staten Island Election Night Hate Crime Spree have all pleaded guilty. Now victim Ali Kamara has been arrested for stealing a car.

About 11 years ago 172 Stanton Street started to crumble. City officials hustled the tenants out and demolished the building without letting them get their possessions or pets. Some old-timers went homeless or mad. On the site now, there’s a luxury condo.

A Loyola University Health System psychiatry (gasp!) expert explores the meaning of He’s Just Not That Into You.

New York’s fund for giving TV shows tax breaks is drying up — and TV producers are shooting elsewhere. “None of us has booked a single pilot this year,” says the president of Silvercup Studios.

Bill Gates released a jar of mosquitos at the TED conference to show how easily malaria can be spread. Then he told the crowd that the mosquitos weren’t carrying malaria, alas.



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