Toby Young Is Getting Old


With each Top Chef week, we miss Gail more. Is it just us, or are Toby Young’s metaphors and jokes nonsensical and contrived? A few favorite examples from last night’s show after the jump.

“Jamie saw you performing a high-wire act. You made it look easy. Then
she got up on the wire and then phew, fell flat on her face, no safety

“Here it just tastes like the dull fish I remember eating when I’ve gone to Caribbean. Here it tastes like some wonderful new discovery.”

“I think Tom’s being too kind. It’s not merely unremarkable. It’s remarkably poor.”

“It had a certain swagger to it. If I had to come up with a name for the dish, I think I’d call it Pablo Escolar.”

“I just had this lump of rather dull fish on my plate. It’s actually still stuck in my teeth. I wish it wasn’t.”

“There was one rogue element in the sauce…it just had the effect of rendering the whole dish completely toxic.”

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