Fall Out Boy, No Doubt Headline Bamboozle 2009



Attention emo enthusiasts/Gwen Stefani devotees/Jon Caramanica: Bamboozle, the annual Pop-Rock Parking Lot extravaganza with the inexplicably terrible logo, has announced this year’s extravaganza, set for May 2nd and 3rd at the Meadowlands: Fall Out Boy Saturday, No Doubt Sunday. The rest of the prodigious lineup is an odd mixture of Warped Tour runoff (Rise Against! Cobra Starship!) and ’90s alt-rock warriors (Third Eye Blind! The Get Up Kids! Face to Face! And how the hell could Gavin Rossdale possibly have snuck into this?!) Should be a hoot, weather-/your tolerance that day for the youth of America-permitting. (Say what you will about Hipster Runoff, but “Pokemones” is a fabulous turn of phrase.)

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