Lily Allen Playing Free Show at the Bowery Ballroom with Matt and Kim (!?!)


Lily Allen’s new record It’s Not Me, It’s You comes out officially next Tuesday, February 10–it’s been streaming on MySpace for days. Remember, the sassy pop tart partly owes her career to Tom Anderson and his WarGames ways, so it’s fitting that she’ll be headlining a free MySpace “Secret” Show at the Bowery Ballroom on her record release day. Her openers? Matt and Kim. Please God let them all cover “Womanizer.”

As for It’s Not Me, It’s You–it wouldn’t be a Lily Allen release if it didn’t have a track permanently shaming a dude for being terrible in the sack. Last time, she complained that her man-friend had a small wee-wee in “Not Big”; this time, “Not Fair” is a horrendously misguided hoedown (!?!) about a selfish bloke who makes her lie in wet patches. Up next: “Not Alive“?

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