On Big Business’s “Gold and Final”


?!?..Anybody know the story here?

Spin posts “Gold and Final,” the second song to emerge off Big Business’s forthcoming Mind the Drift, and which has been on MySpace a minute now. Not sure about the mid-tempo thing they’re doing here; seems like a lot of the biblical gallop and scope of Here Come the Waterworks is missing. Ditto for the depressive crawl of “The Drift,” which is the other song already out–but I came around on that one, mostly because it’s so sadistically monotonous that eventually, it breaks through. If I wanted to make Chris Weingarten mad I’d say that being in the Melvins has made this band worse, but you could just as easily blame it on new member Toshi Kasai. Plus for all I know the record slays. Just hoping for something more epic, I guess…

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