Open: Scandinavian Grace Cafe


Cute as a freaking button

Williamsburg design shop Scandinavian Grace opened an outpost in Park Slope today, called Scandinavian Grace Café. The bearded guy who owns the shop told me that they’re focusing on housewares, plus coffee, sweets and Scandinavian food items. On the shelves, I noticed those enormous Swedish crackers, elderflower and lingonberry concentrates, lots of jams, a waffle mix, plus other sundry groceries. It looks like they’re still stocking up. I picked up some delicious Swedish cloudberry jam, which tastes like caramel crossed with raspberry, and a bottle of Swedish pear soda. The espresso machine looks very serious.
668 President Street, Brooklyn. Phone unknown.





This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 6, 2009


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