Spitzer “Rough” With Girls, Madam Reports


The Daily News reads a book by Kristin Davis, a madam who hooked up Eliot Spitzer from 2004 to 2006. We had already heard about the former governor’s aversion to condoms, which may have attracted him to the famous Ashley DuPree, whom Howard Stern reported was advertised as offering BBBJTC (that’s bareback blowjob to completion — see, we have learned something from Twitter). News to us, though, is Davis’ report in The Manhattan Madam that Spitzer, under the code name “James,” was “getting rough and too aggressive with the girls — repeatedly pressuring them to do things they didn’t want to,” by which we assume she means disclosing financial data for a RICO case.

The book offers other hijinks, says the News, like a “New York City developer who loved tiny panties on the girls — and on himself” and, Davis’ website promises, “An Oscar-winning actor who engaged in hot tub hijinks,” which should be great fun for people who have “Lace” on DVD.


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