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Times Softens Up Lily Allen


The New York Times previews its Sunday Arts article on Lily Allen, an apparent softening agent called “This Wild Girl’s a Homebody Now,” in which the singer reveals that she and her friends “sit around this table and play Scrabble” in the evenings, in an attempt to get away from the “kind of irresistible frankness that has gotten her, time and again, in trouble” — which the article then proceeds to catalogue, though not as entertainingly as sites like What Would Tyler Durden Do, with its “I Heart Lily Allen” series of loving reports on her cocaine endorsement, see-through blouses, public drunkenness, etc. Still the Times gives it their best shot: “She slips on beat-up Chanel flats to show off the garden,” they report. “before she was a singer, she briefly studied to be a florist.” Presumably coming soon: an album of jazz standards.


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