Week in Review: The Really Angry and Mean Outtakes


photo of Lady Sovereign by Rebecca Smeyne

In the week we mourned Lux Interior, we also noted William Burrough’s birthday, and the anniversary of Sid Vicious’s death.

Did you hear Bruce Springsteen played the Super Bowl? And rammed his pelvis directly into the national mood? Sports were a weird conduit for some reason: Walker Percy, it turns out, once wrote Springsteen a letter, and Don DeLillo had a short-lived gig at Sports Illustrated.

To cope with the cold, you could’ve listened to Booker T. Jones’s “Warped Sister,” or watched American Idol, or the Real World, or even The City. All, presumably, featured 2009’s most disturbing trend: creepy commercials.

Bamboozle, Bonnaroo, and the Grammys all made big announcements this week; Lily Allen is coming to America, just in time for Lady Sovereign to leave. Cam’ron hates his job, Bill O’Reilly hates rap, and 50 Cent hates Rick Ross. Somewhere Lonely Island are on a boat, Updike’s ghost is crawling around Manhattan, the Explorers Club found some sunshine and, in an alternate universe, Matt and Kim are really angry and mean.

Mary-Louise Parker couldn’t save Hedda Gabler, Charles Busch is not a wan transvestite, and Big Business don’t seem so big these days, but the Thermals and Metallica are both most assuredly back.

Pulp Fictions went another round with the contemporary comic book superhero. And our man Bones went to Gladstone Gallery for Allora & Calzadilla’s Stop, Repair, Prepare, which might double pretty effectively as weekend marching orders…See ya’ll “Monday”.

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