What’s Still Cheap at Great NY Noodletown


This is not our congee, but ours looked like this

The whole Fork in the Road disfunctional family met for lunch yesterday at Great N.Y. Noodletown, and we couldn’t help but notice that the prices at the venerable Cantonese joint have gone up. The roast baby pig, one of my favorites, is now $12 for a rather puny serving, and several of the noodle soups are now pushing $6.

But one dish that’s still cheap is the pork stomach congee, a deal at $3.50. When we ordered it, the older fellow who waits tables looked at us pityingly, as though we were suffering from slight dementia. He pointed at the menu item, and then grabbed at his stomach several times. Once he was assured that yes, we know it’s tripe, he grinned and slapped Sietsema on the back in a kind of congratulations.

The congee, mild and milky and perfect for a cold day, not only harbors chewy ribbons of pork stomach, but also comes with bonus offal. I fished out a nice bit of pork liver, and Sietsema swore he had crunched on a bit of lung. You could call it bobbing for entrails, but it’s tastier than that sounds, I swear.

Great NY Noodletown
28 Bowery; 212-349-0923 

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