Will Ferrell Scores a Nucular Hit


Will Ferrell’s Broadway debut, You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush may not be high art; you know that starting with the pre-curtain announcement, “Enjoy the show. And go fuck yourselves.” And it doesn’t exactly explore a million textures in Dubya’s personality aside from the fact that he’s a crude, hapless moron. But from the second he hits the stage, Ferrell has the audience screaming with laughter–even more so than Bush himself!

Giving away tooo many lines would ruin the evening, but I can tell you some highlights include Ferrell’s mispronouncing of Niger; his referring to Obama as “the Tiger Woods guy”; and the repeated showings of a slide of his penis to make a point (you heard me).

It’s basically a one-man affair, with Ferrell addressing the crowd in the “faggy” theater district, but there are also supporting appearances by a breakdancing Secret Service Man and by Pia Glenn in a sensational turn as a dirty dancing Condoleezza Rice who’s all in Dubya’s business.

Ferrell ends by asking the audience what they do for a living and giving them cute nicknames in response. To a trader he said, “Shit Out of Luck.” To a porn star, “Liar!”

Great art? No way. Slickly amusing, and money making? Yup.

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