Choice Eats Preview: Cheburechnaya


The second annual Choice Eats event is scheduled for March 31, and tickets are selling fast…

Tuesday March 31, 2009 6:30 – 9:30pm
The 69th Armory at Lexington Avenue
68 Lexington Ave @ 26th Street, NYC

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Like last year, we’ve invited restaurants based on the recommendations of our food writers, Robert Sietsema and Sarah DiGregorio. And to whet your appetite, here’s another preview of one of the participants, Cheburechnaya.

This is what Sietsema had to say about the eatery in a 2004 review:

While most places offer three or four types of kebabs, the Cheburechnaya menu lists 23. Old standards such as ground-beef lula, chicken wing, lamb sweetbreads, and chunk lamb, priced from $1.75 to $2.50, are completely up to snuff, but lamb rib is the variety I wouldn’t give up if forced to pick only one thing to eat on a desert island. The glass-front refrigerated meat case tempts you with several other frankly odd choices, including lamb testicles, which turn out to be the bulkier, paler, and more rubbery testicles of a full-grown ram, cut into swatches. Health considerations may tempt you to forgo the kebab called “lamb fat,” but then you’d miss one of the most interesting taste sensations since Mario Batali put lardo on pizza. Made with the much prized fat from the lamb’s buttocks, on which all true Uzbek cooking depends, the kebab presents four crisp and delicious morsels that you can decadently eat by themselves or, more prudently, enfold in a hunk of non or poise on a good-sized piece of noni toki.

Read the rest of the review here.


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