CNN Dude Living on Food Stamps


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CNN’s Sean Callebs is spending a month living on food stamps in an interesting fusion of recession coverage, foodie blog, and CNN kookiness (if you’ve ever watched American Morning, you’ll know what I mean). In Louisiana, where Callebs lives and works, one out of every six people is on food stamps.

Of course, Callebs doesn’t actually qualify for food stamps, so he’s simulating the experience with a debit card filled with $176, the maximum monthly amount for which an individual in Louisiana can qualify. He’s already received comments from those actually on food stamps that that seems like a lot, while those not on them have said it seems like very little.

On his blog, Callebs is documenting his experiences. He’s just over a week in, and thus far, it presents and odd, intriguing juxtaposition of harsh realities and yuppie-ish inconveniences, as he struggles with Diet Coke withdrawal and worries about how his new diet will effect his jogging. It will be interesting to see how the project, and his diet coke withdrawal, progress.


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