Goodbye Ganda


The Solitary Cyclist at Monkey Town

Food blogging luminaries turned out Saturday night at Monkey Town in Williamsburg to bid farewell to Ganda Suthivarakom of She’s leaving this week for a six month stint in Stockholm. The band she fronts as lead singer — The Solitary Cyclist — did a 45 minute set of Sunset Park samba, and there was not a dry eye in the place as Ganda let everyone know she’d miss them by concluding the set with “Endless Love.”

Spotted in the audience were Winnie Yang of Fat is Flavor; Cathy Erway of; Christy Harrison, Adam Houghtaling, and Francis Lam of; and Rachel Wharton, formerly of The assembled celebrants dined on elk and kangaroo sliders, and washed them down with Leffe ale, among other beverages. Ganda has decorated her website with Swedish fish in commemoration of her departure. 

Winnie Yang (slouching), Cathy Erway, and unidentified blogger at Monkey Town 

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