Martha As She Once Was


This Martha Stewart cookbook from 1984 came into our lives this weekend, and we just had to share. This is Martha in more innocent times…before she went to prison, before there was a cupcake shop on every damn corner, before there was a Bush in the White House. She wears a yellow dress reminiscent of a Mormon compound on the front; inside she shares recipes that often involve a melon-baller, something piped on a cucumber, and/or something in the shape of a heart. A few favorites after the jump.
From the “Champagne and Valentines” chapter. Here, nothing says love like a mix of cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, and herbs molded into a heart shape. Consider it for this weekend.

This I love. For a “Spring Wedding Reception,” Roquefort cheese balls are used to make these really appetizing grape bunches. God, why have we not seen this sort of creativity on Top Chef this season?

Even better than a cucumber. In the “Fancy Cocktails” chapter, Martha writes that “herb cheese and salmon mousse can be decoratively piped into split peas; crab salad must be inserted with a spatula.” So true…

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