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Nude Stormy Daniels Accepts “Call of Duty” to Face Vitter for Senate


Some clever bastard has brought fun back to Louisiana politics — recently made more serious than usual by the emergence of reform governor Bobby Jindal — by setting up a website to draft porn star Stormy Daniels to run against Republican Senator David Vitter, whose phone number turned up in a D.C. madam’s phone book in 2007, and of whom some local prostitutes have claimed exotic sexual tastes. In a video interview at the Daily Beast, the “performer, writer and director” of adult features announces that she’s in for the big win: “They are calling me to duty,” says Daniels, “and if that’s what it takes, that’s what I will do.” She said of her opponent that “I have no issues with his sexual activities or sexual preferences — I mean who am I to judge, right?” but that Vitter is a “hypocrite” and that she thinks he “doesn’t have the balls” to debate her, though she did offer, as an alternative, to wrestle him. Somewhere, Huey Long is smiling.



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