On Asher Roth’s “I Love College” Video


Asher Roth is a bizarrely talented rapper, if one who makes other rappers into frothing, Sarah Palin-rally crazies–he’s rap’s ironic-appreciation Manchurian Candidate, the dude who left the first 16 bars of “One More Chance” on my answering machine freshman year. He’s made a record that has just enough of “Say It Ain’t So” to make people think they’ve already been listening to the song for years and years and years. Like a pentagram in a Satanic ritual, it constructs and then contains its own nostalgia. College kids will lie down before “I Love College” like tiny howler monkeys confronted with an Orangutan. Women will offer little to no resistance. Blink 182’s comeback is already fucked. In six month, it will be you who wears the fuzzy turtle costume. [Nah Right]

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