Some Burning Questions About Last Night’s Grammys


There were precious few awards presented on last night’s Grammys, but there was a helluva lot of entertainment, and though some of it was downright bizarre (Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers?), there was plenty to enjoy and gossip about.

Still, some questions continue to nag:

Is Whitney Houston not the roughest piece of road on both coasts? I’m scared a-huh.

Didn’t Alison Krauss used to be a bashful looking country bumpkin? Who did her work?

Is there anyone they didn’t pair Al Green with? No matter who was performing, he seemed to pop out and croak a few notes.

Anyone think Chris Martin should take a chill pill and drop the hyperactive monkey routine?

And most poignantly, with Jennifer Hudson winning for rising out of her pain; Rihanna and Chris Brown absent for supposedly scandalous reasons involving horrid abuse; and M.I.A. prancing about ready to break water, wasn’t this the most dramatic awards show since someone streaked at the Oscars?