New York

What’s Your Favorite Feud?


The last month or so has been a goldmine of celebrity spats and tantrums, and I’d like to lay them out in order and let you decide which one sent out the most gratifying sparks of creepy confrontation.

*Patti LuPone vs the flash photographer. You remember this one–“Who do you think you are?”

*Christian Bale vs. the director of photography. This was around the same time Bale pushed his mother. Apparently the Dark Knight has had some very dark nights. Don’t step into his lighting and fuck it up!

Faye Dunaway vs. Hilary Duff. The Oscar winner trashed the schlock star as not a real actress. Duff shot back by saying Faye’s obscure and weird looking. They both have a point–but Faye has a better one. Hilary Duff needs a stepladder to sniff Faye’s ass!

Beyonce and Etta James. Etta went crazy when Beyonce got to sing “At Last” at the inaugural ball instead of her. Now she says she was joking. What inaugural balls!

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