New York

A Crash Course in Why Sully is a Hero


My man “Sully”–aka Captain Chesley Sullenberger–is lucky I wasn’t on that plane he crash-landed into the Hudson because his un-sullied record of savings lives would have been way tarnished; even clutching onto a wing (and a prayer), I would have surely slid to my watery doom.

But as history will rightfully tell it, Sully’s a miracle worker and an all-around nice guy who even called the library to apologize for somehow having misplaced the book he’d borrowed while gliding onto terra infirma! A book about ethics!

Only two nagging questions remain:

*Sully’s co-pilot, Jeffrey Skiles, is very cute. Is he one of us?

*And did I actually hear Sully’s wife tell Katie Couric that when her hubby called to tell her of the horror that had happened, she didn’t even pick up the call until the third time he tried? It’s true! She was busy talking to someone else! Who–her book agent?

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