Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: The Foreign Exchange’s “Take Off the Blues (feat. Darien Brockington)”


Last week’s prediction: 4-5 dudes gunning for that U2 money.

Aw jeez, Little Brother–erstwhile fat-guy dancers of apocalypse, rap’s bad conscience, the vegans at crack-rap’s church fried chick contest. Or was that someone else? The Foreign Exchange–Phonte’s LB-sideline r&b messageboard combine with a Dutchman named Nicolay–have an 8.1 Pitchfork average over two records (Jamin!) and a major jones for “Devil’s Pie” D’Angelo: which really, who doesn’t? The gist is that Leave it All Behind, from which “Take Off the Blues” comes, makes everybody happy, because Phonte’s not yelling at anyone–or rapping at anyone. Slum Village, let’s go.

Grown men will recognize the album-cover’s marriage tableaux. “Smooth vocals, simple and unpretentious,” says iTunes commentor Court Reinland. “It’s true to the genre and yet it stands on it’s own, hats off to these cats.” And while “Take Off the Blues” does inevitably make the word ‘cats’ come to mind, I’m not mad at it. I think I was actually at this wedding…

Next week’s prediction: Kiss My Ass.

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