Bourdain Gets Hardcore


Last night on No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain focused on food porn and had one of the “best meals of his life” at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Yes, Tony drank the David Chang Kool-Aid, but he also had some amusing thoughts on the “food porn industry,” saying:

How did the simple act of eating become so twisted up in our minds? What’s wrong with a society watching other people eat? It’s not like we’re starving. Millions of people are watching but by no means doing. Like the peep shows of old, food has become an almost entirely voyeuristic activity, a popular king, and you don’t even have to pull aside a curtain in the back of crummy strip-mall video rental shop or punch the pay-per-view button in your hotel room. It’s right there in front of our noses. Everywhere. Porn. Filthy, nasty, unadulterated with clinical close-ups, slow sensual pans, TV is full of it. Across the full spectrum of channels, fat slabs of oozing unctuous flesh; dripping chocolate; flaky, tender gossamer-thin crusts that tremble at the approach. So many close-ups of moaning, eye-rolling, lip-smacking, are going on on basic cable right now that if you listened from another room, you’d think it was a dirty shag carpet in Encino.

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