DA: Staten Island Doc Gave ‘Roids to Heart Transplant Man Who Died


A-Rod’s not the only local steroid abuse story. The Staten Island Advance has been following the prosecution of local doctor Richard Lucente, who is alleged by the Brooklyn DA’s office to have written steroid scrips for patients “who had no medical need for them” and “steering” these patients to Lowen’s Pharmacy in Brooklyn to pick them up. The pharmacy’s owner, who had previously been named in George Mitchell’s baseball steroid investigation, shot himself last year. Dead as well is Staten Island bodybuilder Joseph Baglio, whom prosecutors say took Baglio-prescribed steroids even after a heart transplant, and suffered a fatal coronary at age 40. Lucente is also said to have been supplying steroids to NYPD officers.

Lucente is still listed as an advocate of Joe Kasper’s Fire Your Diet! program, where he is said to focus on “Sports Medicine, Nutrition, and Anti-Aging medicine… all patients get specialized attention.”

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