Fan, Press A-Rod Reactions: No Role Model, But Babe Would Have Juiced, Too


After his admission that he used performance enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003, Alex Rodriguez received the support of the Yankees organization (“Although we are disappointed in the mistake he spoke to today, we realize that Alex — like all of us — is a human being not immune to fault”). Fans and reporters had more mixed reactions.

The LoHud Yankees Blog thanks A-Rod for generating page traffic: “So keep doing what you’re doing, Alex. In nine more years, you could be the guy who makes on-line journalism and blogging a profitable enterprise.” River Avenue Blues finds his confession “sincere,” and says, “Skeptics will raise an eyebrow and wonder what athlete would put something in his body without knowing what it is. To them, I say what athlete wouldn’t if someone else told them how great it was?”

The fans polled at Pinstripe Alley are pretty sure he’s not still using, and that Babe Ruth would have taken steroids if he’d had the opportunity.

The Post walks into a bar, specifically the ESPN Zone, and gets predictable reactions, ranging from “at least he admitted it, unlike people like Barry Bonds who drag it out,” and “A-Rod is no role mode.” The paper’s Joel Sherman says A-Rod is “sacrificing” his brilliant Rangers years “like amputating a leg infected with gangrene as a way to save the whole body, which in his case is still the body of work of an undeniable Hall of Famer.”

Mike Lupica has a less flattering characterization. “He kept talking about GNC as if that’s where you could pick up testosterone and Primobolan along with Vitamin C,” Lupica writes. “That version of things wouldn’t fly on ‘Judge Judy’… as always with him, you wonder how much of it was real.”

“If we decree that anyone who uses steroids is ineligible for the Hall of Fame, we are making a grave error,” says the Replacement Level Yankees Blog. “We would not be punishing players for using steroids to improve their performance, but rather for getting *caught* using steroids.”

“He’s obsessed with his performance… and yet, for three years he’ll stick any old thing into his body without a thought?” says ESPN’s Rob Neyer. “Please. I understand the public relations angle of this thing. But now you’re just insulting our intelligence.”

Next scandal: A-Rod and shemales.


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