NY Escorts Twitter Provides Romantic Advice to Johns


The New York Escorts twitter feed, which we have considered previously, has had a spurt, so to speak, of activity in recent days. Along with links to advertising (“Wanna come play while I am still in town?” asks Clarise Starrling, pictured), they guide us to a message board on proper etiquette for clients of prostitutes. “Providers seem to be pretty happy when I bring the beach towel for them,” says SmoothSmitty, “as it allows them to keep their sheets dry.” LickiLicki describes himself as a “more of a roll-with-the-punches kind of guy,” but he does make time to “take a shower, shave my balls and clean the pipes if I’m not planning on an MSOG encounter. I do agree with the general sentiment that if you are clean and polite you’ll have a much better time.” What a gent! Guys, consider these your Valentine’s Day tips.


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