New York

Overheard Quotes in the Night


These utterances are verbatim, folks–they were spewed in all seriousness by various partygoers and clubcrawlers–and it’s my moral obligation to pass them on to you without comment. I mean without MUCH comment:

“Why did Martin Luther King get credit for ‘I have a dream’? It started in Gypsy!” (Sound of my eyeballs rolling in their sockets.)

“I went to the inauguration, and when security checked me, they told me, ‘This is more for Bush than for Obama’.” (Hmm, I THOUGHT so.)

“I was just on an Atlantis cruise and the shipboard entertainer, Patti LuPone, ended her peformance with a little joke, taking flash photos of the audience.” (Ha ha ha ha…..)

And, most memorably: “I was on a receiving line to meet Laura Bush last year, and as a souvenir, she gave each person a brown scarf of the White House! Did she think the White House is really brown?”

Well, now it IS! I had a dream and it came true!

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