Please Admire This Photo of Moby Fellating a Doll Head


If it’s true that He Who Dies With The Most Posts Wins, Moby’s in the running for first–dude has been posting on his Internet “journal” for eight years (?!!), which is somehow longer than both God or Fluxy. And so we add another one to his “about” collection, simply because it’s been brought to our attention that somewhere between giving drinking advice and serenading rich people with Tim Harrington, Moby has recently been spotted sucking on a doll head for a web mini-series Cassidy Loves Moby, that’s over at the Sundance microsite, along with strange costumed bug porn starring Isabella Rossellini (no joke). Both are signs that original Internet programming starring famous-ish people is officially out of control–that said, we would gladly film these all day long, every day of every year.

In the interest of some actual “news,” let us take this singular opportunity to inform you about Moby’s upcoming record, which we’re sure you’re anxiously awaiting, right along with the next Albert Hammond Jr. solo release. But wait: he’s mixing it with M83 producer Ken Thomas and describes it as “a ‘9 a.m Sunday morning lying in bed while it’s raining outside’ album.” Look forward to something ethereal that fits like a Snuggie, tastes like a smoothie, and squawks like Meet the Press.

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