Anger Management


There are some artists who live through their artwork, and then there are some, like avant-garde film director, occultist, and scandalmaker Kenneth Anger, who simply are art. In his first major survey at a U.S. museum in more than a decade, P.S.1 examines the early works of Anger’s extensive oeuvre, including the 1947 homoerotic Fireworks (about which Anger once explained: “This flick is all I have to say about being 17, the United States Navy, American Christmas, and the Fourth of July”); the psychedelic Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954-66); and Scorpio Rising (1963), considered to be one of the first postmodern films and an influence on the work of David Lynch and Martin Scorsese. Fans of early-’70s rock especially won’t want to miss the short film Lucifer Rising, starring Marianne Faithfull. Upset with the soundtrack Jimmy Page recorded for the film, Anger replaced Page with Bobby Beausoleil, an incarcerated associate of the Charles Manson family, who recorded the entire score in prison.

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