Bust out the trumpets and confetti: Two-time Bessie Award–winning choreographer Jodi Melnick and veteran videographer Burt Barr (who’s done such silly things as film turtles and dub soul singer Otis Clay’s voice over a woman singing in the shower) are teaming up for a new solo work titled Fanfare. Barr provides the visual glitz with an installation of video, lighting, and kinetic sculptures, casting the space in a swirling kaleidoscopic light. But perhaps even more intriguing is the second piece on the program: Melnick’s new version of her dance, Suedehead—inspired by one of the best post-Smiths Morrissey songs ever recorded. You’ll know whether she’s done her job right if rabid audience members attack the stage and try to rip the dancers’ clothes off.

Thu., Feb. 19, 8 p.m., 2009

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