Incredibly Cheap Eats — Four Over Rice Plus Soup


This new-wave over rice place adds Western dishes to its steam table, and offers the nearly unbelievable special of four dishes of your choice over rice, plus soup, for $4.50. Examine the steam table carefully, and you’ll find whole fried fish, a heatless version of the Sichuan classic Ma Po bean curd, french fries, fried chicken wings (big!), Chinese-American sweet and sour chicken, and many vegetarian stir-fry combos.

The patronage is a mix of easterners and westerners, and though the food isn’t as highly flavored as you might wish, it’s wholesome and freshly prepared. Oh, and you can forget the soup — it’s a cousin of dishwater, with a few shreds of carrot and wan egg-drops. 136-49 Roosevelt Avenue, 718-961-0846

A recent choice selection from among the two dozen dishes available (click on the image to savor fully)

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