Lincoln’s Birthday Celebrated with Cake, Thumbprint


Tomorrow is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, and to celebrate President Obama will attend a party in Springfield, Illinois. It’s sold out, but free tickets are said to be available for “performances in Lincoln’s honor,” including local students reciting Lincoln’s speeches, at the newly-reopened Ford’s Theatre in Washington, at which the 16th President was assassinated. If that’s too creepy for you and you can get to Miami University in Ohio, which is also celebrating its 200th birthday this year, you may view (and even shoot video of, if you portray yourself as press) Lincoln’s thumbprint, which was discovered by first-year psychology major Lydia Smith (pictured) on a Lincoln letter she was transcribing. Failing this you may have cake — Ann Arbor’s mlive says the Great Emancipator favored Vanilla Almond as prepared by Mary Todd, and provides a recipe — or attend the opening of the New York Historical Society’s exhibit “Lincoln in his own Words.”

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