When did you know it was over for Williamsburg? Was it the day the first luxury condo was sold? Or the first time you saw a Ramones baby onesie in a Bedford Avenue shop? In his new film Brooklyn DIY, director and artist Marcin Ramocki, whose recent project was the video game documentary 8 BIT, examines the creative renaissance that arose in Williamsburg in the early ’80s and the gentrification that forced out the artists who once settled there for the cheap rents—not the chance to purchase a $12 cocktail. “I wanted to make a light, funny portrait of an art community, which is facing a rapid extinction, at least in its DIY version.” Ramocki says. “I am sure many people will find my version of history idiosyncratic . . . and, what can I say, it probably is!”

Wed., Feb. 25, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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