Strip Club Billboard Landlord Wants $5K to Take Them Down


There are two billboards on Rockaway Boulevard for the local Platinum Club “first class adult entertainment establishment” which “depict a scantily-clad woman in a sexually provacative position.” Many citizens in Woodmere, Five Towns, and thereabouts who are within view of them have been up in arms about that since last year. These include orthodox Jews, who are touchy about this sort of thing, but even the commenters at Queens Crap, normally an easy-going bunch, have shared their outrage.

Recently councilmember James Sanders Jr. joined a Nassau County legislator to file suit against the Club’s management company for violating “decency statutes.” Now Voz is Neias reports that the landlord on whose property the signs are located — “who is Jewish and who also requested anonymity to protect himself from harassment” — says he’ll take the signs down if someone will give him $5,000 to pay costs. The locals don’t seem to be going for it, and a hearing is set for May. (photo via Queens Crap)


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