Voice Goes to Albany, Where Chief Judge Pick is Knocked


Politicker NY tells us Elena Sassower of the Center for Judicial Accountability brought a bunch of copies of the Village Voice to today’s state senate judiciary committee hearing on the elevation of Jonathan Lippman to chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals. The cover article by Wayne Barrett tells how political influence smoothed Lippman’s ascent. Sassower called the appointment “the product of a corrupted merit selection process” and lambasted the administration for “encapsulat[ing] the process in secrecy.” Politicker says “the faces of many state senators contorted in response to her testimony.”

The Times is far easier on Lippman today, lauding him for bringing the caseload of the Appellate Division in Manhattan down by nearly 75 percent when he served as presiding justice in 2007 and 2008.


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