Who’s Your Favorite Freak on TLC?


Sunday night is TLC night, when that riveting channel learns you about all the oddities of nature who have triumphed over very difficult circumstances, as the camera zooms in on their heartbreak for your exploitive pleasure. And honey, I’m there!

But who’s your favorite put-upon novelty act of all? Among the TLC stars are:

*Mermaid girl. A darling little thing whose legs are intertwined into one fin-like creation. Get her to Broadway immediately!

*The Pregnant Man. “What’s your favorite part of him?” the interviewer asked the man’s girlrfriend. “His vagina,” she should have said.

*The woman with the tree-trunk legs. “Timber!” they yell whenever she falls to sleep.

*The conjoined twins. They have one arm each, but they actually got a driver’s license! And I didn’t!

*Me for watching!

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