You’ve probably said this very “What
if . . .” to your friends at a bar once—“Hey guys, what if we dress up in animal costumes and race around Union Square?” But then you never did, because why on earth would you? But now, the apparently-down-for-anything team of Ryder Ripps and Nate Hill (you may know Hill as the leader of the gross-out Chinatown Garbage Tours), have turned the absurd idea into a reality with the Club Animals Mini-Marathon, four laps around Union Square for runners dressed as silly cartoon animals. Not familiar with Club Animals? It’s a new “secret society of mascots,” led by Wolfgang Dog (Ripps) and Fishy (Hill), that brings cute, cuddly cheer to everything from Dan Deacon shows to art galleries to movie screenings. This would definitely be big in Japan.

Sat., Feb. 21, 4 p.m., 2009