Dan Ackroyd Signs Crystal Skulls in New York Today


Do you want a bottle of wine or a crystal skull full of vodka signed by Dan Ackroyd? Then you’re in luck! Ackroyd will be at Astor Wines and Spirits at Lafayette and East 4th Street from noon till 2 today to sign bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka, and tomorrow he’ll be at Garnet Wines & Liquors at Lexington Avenue and East 68th Street to sign bottles of his Discovery Series wines from DeLoach Vineyards. In this video Ackroyd explains at confusing length the spiritual and spirituous meaning of the Crystal Skull (“Healing, miracles, the presences of spirits and beings once living, now gone into another life, but who continue to intrude into our waking consciousness by, for instance, haunting people or places”). If you hurry you can go ask him what the hell he’s talking about.

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