When Brunch Doesn’t Suck


Most of the time, I do not love brunch. Dim sum, yes, bloody mary, yes, smoked salmon, yes, sad omelet, no, waiting in line for sad omelet, no. Unfortunately, the fellow I live with loves brunch, all brunch, all the time.

That’s why I was very happy to discover that Eurotrip’s brunch is so very good. Above, you see that it was actually so delicious that I started eating before I remembered to take the picture. This is halusky (chewy potato dumplings similar to spaetzle) crisped in butter along with a hash of very tasty crumbled German sausage, topped with eggs sunny side up (lovely runny yolks), and sided with homemade pickled vegetables.

The set brunch includes your choice of dish (and it’s not all egg-based), coffee and a cocktail, for about $14. A little steep, especially if you don’t want the cocktail, but I found it worth it.

667 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn


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