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DC Party Monsters in Grisly Killing?


Picture via Who Murdered Robert Wone?

An intrepid reporter named Craig Brownstein just sent me info on “a grizzly, unsolved gay murder case that happened in one of DC’s more tony and gay neighborhoods over two years ago.” He had me at hello.

Said Brownstein, “We’re either in the middle of gay DC’s very own Leopold & Loeb, OJ & Nicole, or more likely, Alig & Angel. But in this case, instead of boas, sparkles, platform shoes, and way too much makeup, these killers appear to include a K Street lobbyist and prominent gay rights attorney and wear Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink, and Johnson & Murphy. The drugs, however, may remain the same. X, K, the whole alphabet soup.”

Well, this particular soup has some very sick ingredients. Brownstein says the victim, Robert Wone, was “incapacitated, probably by injection of a paralytic drug, sexually penetrated, then stabbed in his chest.” But that’s a picnic in needle park compared to this part: “The autopsy also showed semen in Robert’s rectum. His own.” Ouch. We’ve now gone from merely horrific and criminal to the land of downright bat-shit crazy.

No one has been charged with murder, but I charge YOU with negligence if you don’t read this to find out more.

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